MAEC Cortona | Busto di Arianna

The Museum


The MAEC Museum is housed in Palazzo Casali and is one of the most ancient buildings of the City, more than 2,000 square meters of exhibition space where you can find some of the most important masterpieces of the Etruscan civilization.

The ancient collections of the MAEC trace the history of Etruscology, starting from the 18th  century and the rediscovery of Etruria. In particular, the unique Etruscan chandelier, the bronze statuettes, the small but relevant Egyptian collection, the 18th century library.

The Museum proposes the reconstruction of the topographical features of the City and its territory, from Prehistory until late antiquity, the bronze sculptures from Trestina and Fabbrecce, the grave goods of the tumuli, rich in gold objects, the well-known Tabula Cortonensis, the polychrome mosaics of the Roman villa in Ossaia, definitely stand out.

The MAEC Museum is also an access point to the Arcaeological Park of Cortona with its eleven archaeological sites that are located in the City center (the Etruscan walls and the gate Porta Bifora) and in the territory, such as the tumuli at Sodo, the Tanella Angori and the Tanella di Pitagora.